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DeArmond Monkey-on-a-Stick Reissue

Finally, a solution for orphaned DeArmond pickups!

The infamous “Monkey-on-a-stick” mount is the least invasive way to mount a DeArmond pickup on your archtop guitar. It attaches behind the bridge and holds the pickup in place without the need of drilling holes. The pickup can then be moved up or down on the rod depending on tonal tastes.

My reissues are made of a steel or brass pressure rod, a 3D-printed PLA plastic base, a stainless steel top plate and high-quality thumbscrews. They also include 2x “pressure nuts” for holding loose/worn pickups in place. The mount works with both vintage and modern reissue DeArmond pickups.

Link: Video demo of installation and repair

Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick reissue $65 

DeArmond-inspired volume/tone control box

An enclosed stacked volume/tone pot paired with standard 1/4″ output jack.  Includes a mounting bracket for attaching to a “monkey-on-a-stick” style mount. Soldering will be necessary to attach it your pickup. Instructions will be included.

You can also have me add a 1/8″ input jack to it, to make your pickup detachable, provided you wire the pickup with a 1/8″ plug connector.

Is your pickup not mounted with monkey on a stick? You can also get a standalone mounting plate below to attach this to any floating-bridge guitar.

The color will be black, but exact styling of knobs and hardware may vary.

Dearmond-inspired volume/tone control box $75

Option :

DeArmond-inspired volume-only control box

An enclosed volume pot paired with an 1/4″ output that can mount to a monkey-on-a-stick. Includes a mounting bracket for screwing into a “monkey-on-a-stick” style mount.

Is your pickup not mounted with monkey on a stick? You can also get a standalone mounting plate below!

The color will be black, but exact styling of knobs and hardware may vary.

Volume-only control box $55

Mounting plate assembly for control boxes

Standalone mounting plate for affixing control boxes to your floating bridge-style guitar, in case you’re not using a “monkey on a stick”-style rig for your pickup.

Standalone mounting plate assembly $15

Replacement mounting plate and thumb screws for original Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick mounts

Replacement metal top plate or 2x thumb screws. Fits the original size and threading of the original Monkey-on-a-stick mounts, for those of you who are missing parts and hope to restore one.

Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick replacement parts: Metal top plate: $7, Screws: $7

Option :

Input jack enclosure for Archtops and Selmer-style guitars

A quick and easy way to add an input jack to a pickup on your floating-bridge style guitar without drilling any holes. Straps behind the bridge with a velcro strip for easy installation and removal. The box measures: 36mm x 23mm x 18mm (not including the jack popping out about an additional 6mm)

See this post for wiring instructions.

1/4″ Input jack enclosure $20

Audio Technica Lavalier Mic: bridge mount + soundhole mount pack

Left: Bridge Mount, Right: Soundhole Mount
Left: Internal Mount, Right: External Mount

2 mounting options for your Audio Technica lav mic (Pro 70 or AT831b models) to your Selmer Maccafferi or Archtop guitar!

  1. Mounts on the strings behind the bridge, points straight down at your guitar’s top. Couldn’t be easier! Recommended for “D-hole” style Selmer copies or archtops.
  2. Mounts on your soundhole, externally or internally (internal recommended for oval-hole selmacs). Handy cable clip on the other side.

AT Bridge + Soundhole Mount Pack $12 

Option :

Audio Technica Lavalier Mic: bridge mount with adjustable screw

control box

Similar to the Bridge Mount, but with a screw that allows you to tighten the fit. Useful for banjos or instruments with very thin string gauges.

You can also use this little fella to screw on a DeArmond control box (see 2nd pic above)

AT Adjustable Bridge Mount $15 

Audio Technica Pro 70 / 831b: replacement battery cover

It’s only a matter of time, you will lose this battery cover. Luckily I have the replacement for you! Made of 3d-printed PLA.

AT Pro 70 / 831b Battery Cover $6 

“The Stick” Minimalist Amp Tilt-back Stand

Tilt that amp back and point that speaker at your face where it should be. Minimal weight and footprint. Just throw it in the back of your speaker cabinet. Slide it on and off of your amp’s back bracing to install. Easy as cake. “The Stick” comes with a grippy rubber end cap so it wont slip around on smooth surfaces.

The default length is 12 inches, you can saw it off to desired size.  Comes with instructions on how to calculate the length. Or, if you send me an email with your order including the measurement from the floor to the bottom of your amp’s back panel (see this diagram), I can cut it for you to the 60-degree tilt angle. Please note that I am not responsible for incorrect measurements.

Note: measure the thickness of your amp’s back panel to determine which size to order. Get in touch if you need a custom size. I can probably make it for you!

Link: Video demo of the Stick in action.

“The Stick” minimalist amp tilt-back stand $15

Option :

iPad mount for Hamilton 2-section music stands

A tiny, gig bag-friendly music stand mount for your iPad or smartphone. Works only with Hamilton 2-section folding stands. The thickness of the gap is 12mm and has two securing screws that can be tightened down to about 7mm to ensure your tablet doesn’t slip out. Works great with an iPad Air in an Apple leather case + back. Thicker cases may not fit.

iPad Music Stand Mount $20 

Steel guitar pick caddy

Left: with bar holder, Right: without bar holder (fits on a Fender Dual pro)

“This is something I didn’t know that I needed until I had one.” – a local steeler

Originally designed to keep my feisty feline from batting my picks onto the floor / into oblivion, this caddy also has the excellent feature of letting you put all the picks on in a single quick motion, so you can be the quickest draw in the west (or mid-west, or east, or mid-east)! See video here.

Comes with a bit of mounting putty in case you want to stick it on to your console steel guitar somewhere.

Two options for bars of up to 7/8″ and 1″ in diameter. Be sure to select the right one for your preferred bar

“the Wongco Quickdraw Pick Holster” Steel guitar pick caddy $15

Option :

Fender Stringmaster 8-string pickup cover

While Lollar and Seymour Duncan make reproduction 8-string Fender Stringmaster pickups, they don’t offer the covers. Here’s a 3D-printed version of them to drop into your steel guitar project.

Note that 3D-printed parts have some surface lines. They aren’t that noticeable from a glance, but if they bother you, some light sanding and a few coats of black spray paint should smooth it out.

Stringmaster T8 pickup cover $8

Vic Wong – Solo Guitar

San Francisco guitarist Vic Wong plays arrangements and improvisations of his favorite jazz songs from the early 1930s. Released May 20, 2020

Performed and recorded by Vic Wong on his trusty ’47 Epiphone Blackstone. This project was the culmination of an artist residency at “This Will Take Time” in beautiful Point Arena, CA September 21st – 27th 2019.

Digital download link to be provided.

Vic Wong – Solo Guitar: Digital Download $8

Panique: Live @ SoCha Cafe Digital Download

Our live CD, “Live at SoCha Cafe”! It features some of our incredible friends: accordionist Rob Reich, and bassist Daniel Fabricant.

Digital download link to be provided.

Panique – Live @ SoCha Cafe: Digital Download $5