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DeArmond Monkey-on-a-Stick Reissue

Finally, a solution for orphaned DeArmond pickups! The least invasive way to mount a pickup on your archtop. Steel pressure rod, 3D-printed base plate, stainless steel top plate. Includes 2x “pressure nuts” for holding loose pickups in place. Works with both vintage and reissue DeArmond pickups.

(Usually in stock, allow 1-week turnaround in some cases)

Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick reissue (grey/chrome) $70  

Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick reissue (brass/gold) $75 

Replacement mounting plate and screws for original Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick mounts

Metal plate and 2x thumbscrews. Fits the original size and threading of the original Monkey-on-a-stick mounts, for those of you who are missing parts and hope to restore a vintage pressure mount.

Dearmond Monkey-on-a-stick replacement parts $20

Audio Technica Lavalier Mic: bridge mount + soundhole mount pack


Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.07.40 PM

2 mounting options for your Audio Technica lav mic (Pro 70 or AT831b models) to your SelMac or Archtop guitar! Be the envy of your fellow guitarists.

  1. Mounts on the strings behind the bridge, points straight down at your guitar’s top. Couldn’t be easier! Recommended for “D-hole” style Selmer copies.
  2. Mounts on your soundhole, externally or internally (internal recommended for oval-hole selmacs). Handy cable clip on the other side.

AT Bridge + Soundhole Mount Pack $15 

Audio Technica Lavalier Mic: bridge mount with adjustable screw

control box

Similar to the Bridge Mount, but with a screw that allows you to tighten the fit. Useful for banjos or instruments with very thin string gauges.

You can also use this little fella to screw on a DeArmond control box (see 2nd pic above)

AT Adjustable Bridge Mount $15 

Audio Technica Lavalier Mic: suction-cup mount

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 12.47.13 PM

Use the glorious power of suction-cupping to attach an Audio Technica lav mic (Pro 70 or AT831b models) to your shiny instrument! Includes stylish foam windscreen.

AT Suction Cup Gooseneck Mount $20 

“The Stick” Minimalist Amp Tilt-back Stand

Tilt that amp back and point that speaker at your face where it should be. Minimal weight and footprint. Just throw it in the back of your speaker cabinet. Slide it on and off of your amp’s back bracing to install. Easy as cake. “The Stick” comes with a grippy rubber end cap so it wont slip around on smooth surfaces. Default length is 12 inches, you can saw it off to desired size.  Comes with instructions on how to calculate the length.

“The Stick” minimalist amp tilt-back stand $12 

iPad mount for Hamilton 2-section music stands

A tiny, gig bag-friendly music stand mount for your iPad or smartphone. Works only with Hamilton 2-section folding stands. The thickness of the gap is 12mm and can be tightened down to about 7mm. Works great with an iPad Air in an Apple leather case + back. Thicker cases may not fit.

iPad Music Stand Mount $18 

Panique: Live @ SoCha Cafe Digital Download

Our live CD, “Live at SoCha Cafe”! It features some of our incredible friends: accordionist Rob Reich, and bassist Daniel Fabricant.

Digital download link to be provided.

Panique – Live @ SoCha Cafe Digital Download 


Email: info (AT)
Facebook: paniquejazz


Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019
  • 9:00pm-12:00am

    w/ the Cottontails @ Cat's Corner, SF

Thursday, Oct 3, 2019
  • 5:30pm-9:30pm

    w/ Tipsy Gypsy Trio @ Mathilde, SF