Converting machine screws to thumbscrews


October 7, 2019 by vicwomg

Thumbscrews are useful for things you want to take apart/adjust by hand, such as guitar pedals, cases, clamps, and microphone …
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Adding the missing STOP button to the JamMan Solo XT


September 29, 2019 by vicwomg

The JamMan Solo XT by Digitech is a basic, compact, affordable looper pedal. It does most everything I would need, …
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Apogee Duet 2: Repairing the OLED display


September 28, 2019 by vicwomg

I recently returned from a nice week-long art residency along the northern California coast. My primary goal during this time …
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Archtop tailpiece mount for 1/4″ output jacks


September 22, 2019 by vicwomg

Ugh, drilling holes in old acoustic archtops, right? Unfortunately, for adding an output jack there are not a lot of …
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Mid-century pole lamp – replacement cone lampshades


August 30, 2019 by vicwomg

I’ve had this mid-century pole lamp that’s been sitting in disrepair. The plastic (?) cone lampshades started disintegrating and one …
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Fender 1000 Pedal Steel Pickup Covers


July 5, 2019 by vicwomg

A quickie! Lee Jeffriess spread the word that I might be the guy to reproduce obscure pickup covers, and sure …
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Project: Quilter-powered ’40s “Ampro” speaker cabinet


April 12, 2019 by vicwomg

Remind me to go on walks more often. I was passing by one of my favorite ephemera shops Stuff Modern …
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Ultra-compact iPad music stand


April 10, 2019 by vicwomg

Thankfully, the days of carrying around a gigantic binder full of your set list charts is over. Like many gigging …
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Use ANY guitar amp without a power outlet


March 20, 2019 by vicwomg

Here’s a question I’ve seen come up again and again: “Which battery-powered amp should I get?” In my past life …
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Bugera AC60 vs. AER Alpha


October 26, 2018 by vicwomg

“Hey, Bugera… Knock It Off!” I’ve been curious about the Bugera AC60 for a while. After seeing one picture of …
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