Project: DeArmond “Monkey-on-a-stick” Reproduction

The skinny…

I love DeArmond archtop pickups! DeArmond “Monkey-on-a-stick” pressure rod mounting brackets are my preferred removable way to mount them, but nobody reissues them. So I made one from scratch using some swell modern tech.

I’m selling them for $55 USD shipped to the continental USA. If you’re interested, drop me a line at:

Black is the new chrome

Top: reproduction. Bottom: an original vintage mount. Black is the new chrome

Update 6/3/2018: Due to popular demand, I now offer these with a polished aluminum top plate for $75 shipped. The bottom baseplate is still 3D printed silver-colored PLA, but the metal top plate results in a more all-chrome look for you purists :) Inquire at:

Metal monkey \m/

Metal monkey \m/

Some background…

Unlike the drill-happy current day, back in the good old ’30s and ’40s it was unthinkable to put holes in that pretty handmade archtop of yours. After all, who knew if this silly fad of guitar “electrification” was going to last? And what if you wanted to pass that pristine acoustic archtop on to your grandchildren? Trad jazz and swing was surely due to make a comeback in about 75 years.


Project: Custom Audio Technica Microphone Mounts

Audio Technica Microphones are great! But..

Audio Technica lavaliere condenser microphones like the PRO 70 and AT831B are good choices for amplifying acoustic guitars and reproducing the tone of the instrument more accurately than pickups. The soundhole mount that comes with is also quite nice, but after a few months of use I lost the screw and clip attachment on a gig. This made the microphone essentially unusable. I was quite annoyed to find that a replacement mount would cost around 40 bucks! That’s nuts! I mean, sure that’s some fine machining and precision metalwork there, but c’mon… we’re starving musicians here.

The solution?

IMG_1086I really couldn’t stomach spending that kind of dough so I decided to take the much more sensible approach of dropping $300 on a 3D printer, learning CAD off YouTube tutorials, and designing my own replacement. 

But in all seriousness, I didn’t want anyone else to have to deal with this. Having someone else design the replacement and put the model up for free is something I would have greatly appreciated, so I gave it a shot.



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